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 {=TB=} Recruitment Here

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PostSubject: {=TB=} Recruitment Here   Thu Jul 30, 2009 1:46 pm

For all of you wanting to join The Basterds, this is where you start. First of all, you might be asking why it's called "The Basterds" and not "The Bastards", Well obviously you haven't been to the movies lately have you. "Inglorious Basterds" Is a movie Mr Tarentino is bringing out, about infiltrating Nazi territory and torturing the Nazi scum. Now, to what you are here for, how to recruit -

1. Each one of you will start your own topic to begin your recruitment

2. This is the template you will use -

- What is your name?
- What is your gaming name?
- What lvl are you currently?
- What is your favourite weapon?
- What is your favourite map/area?
- Who Recommended you to come to this site?
- Do you currently vs. any other {=TB=} clan members?
- Why do you think we should accept you?
- Why do you want to be accepted?
- Finally, Are you prepared to become the best of the best?

3. After completing ALL of the templates questions, You will have to wait for either, {=TB=} Admin, {=TB=} Mod, {=TB=} Member, to recommend you, after they have, you will have to wait for either, Your Sensei or Super Mod to confirm you, After that they you will be accepted and your forum name will change to either, {=TB=} Recruit or {=TB=} Member, until that time you DO NOT add our tag to our name.

4. Stay active on our forum otherwise you will be deleted

5. Good Luck, And have a nice day,

Your Sensei,

My Name Is Lieutenant Aldo Raine


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(These moments are known as "blow jobs." These women are known as "awesome.")
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{=TB=} Recruitment Here
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