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 The Basterds

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PostSubject: The Basterds   Mon Aug 24, 2009 12:58 pm

The Basterds (The Jewish Americans)

* Brad Pitt as 1st Lieutenant Aldo Raine aka "Aldo the Apache":[8] A fast-talking, thickly accented, vengeance-driven hillbilly from Maynardville, Tennessee, who puts together a team of eight Jewish American soldiers. He bears a rope burn on his neck, which is not mentioned in the film; the script hints that he might have survived a lynching. One of the film's main protagonists: the character has been described as "a voluble, freewheeling outlaw" similar to Jules Winnfield from Tarantino's Pulp Fiction.[9] His first appearance in the film is a subtle homage to George Carlin's The Indian Sergeant routine. The character's name is a tribute to the character actor Aldo Ray, who appeared as a tough soldier in many WWII films such as Battle Cry and What Did You Do in the War, Daddy?.
* Eli Roth as Staff Sergeant Donny Donowitz aka "The Bear Jew":[10] A huge and obnoxious "baseball bat-swinging Nazi hunter" from Boston who is known as "The Bear Jew" among Nazis.[11] Some of them seem to fear that Donowitz is in fact, a vengeful golem, summoned by an angry rabbi. The role was originally conceived for Adam Sandler, who was in talks with Tarantino before declining due to schedule conflicts with the film Funny People. Roth also directed the film-within-a-film, Nation's Pride, which alludes to Nazi wartime propaganda films.
* Til Schweiger as Hugo Stiglitz: A strange and quiet German-born psychopath, former Feldwebel in the Wehrmacht who is recruited by Aldo to kill other Nazis. The character's name is a tribute to the famous 70s B-movie mexploitation actor Hugo Stiglitz.[12]
* Gedeon Burkhard as Wilhelm Wicki: An Austro-German Jew[13] who immigrated to the United States, becoming a citizen as the Third Reich established itself in Europe. Wicki acts as the Basterds' translator.
* B. J. Novak as PFC Smithson Utivich aka "The Little Man"[14] - In an interview with Esquire Magazine, Novak theorizes that PFC Utivich came from a family that named their son Smithson in an attempt to integrate themselves into the WASP-y mainstream and that signing up to fight the Nazis is his attempt to reclaim his Jewish heritage.
* Omar Doom as PFC Omar Ulmer[15] Tarantino, who has been friends with Doom since 1998[16] and encouraged him to become an actor,[16] called Doom just two weeks before shooting was scheduled to begin to cast him in the role.[17]
* Samm Levine as PFC Gerold Hirschberg[18]
* Paul Rust as PFC Andy Kagan: A character Tarantino added in after meeting Rust.[19]
* Michael Bacall as PFC Michael Zimmerman.
* Carlos Fidel as PFC Simon Sakowitz.[20]

My Name Is Lieutenant Aldo Raine


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The Basterds
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